Each class has the following core components and a unique theme:

  • The teacher prepares for class with her own rituals to create sacred space. 
  • The class theme is introduced, and everyone is invited to pull an oracle card for guidance.             
  • Breathing to integrate mind, body, and spirit into the present moment and intention setting to initiate a co-creative relationship with the divine. 

Circling head, Heart + HIPS

  • Circle through each part of the body to release tension or rigidity, and begin to shift the focus from how it looks to how it feels. 
  • Heart Opening to connect to the the rhythm of the music and the rhythm of your own heart, and begin the longest journey we ever take - six inches from the head to the heart. 
  • Hip Opening through sensual movement to release shame and shyness and replace it with bold reveling in pleasure. 

Yoga as prayer, Shadow + shake

  • Sun Salutations/Dancing Warrior Sequence to access the gifts of yoga by experiencing movement as prayer and bringing our awareness of mind, body, spirit, and energetics into alignment.
  • Shadow Dance to honor the challenges in our lives and dance with them rather than pretending that they are not there. 
  • Shaking each part of the body to intentionally release what no longer serves us and reclaim our vibrant nature and zing! 

Free dance + connection

  • Choreographed Dance to create more mind/body connection and to have fun! 
  • Free Dance to move into our full authentic creative expression and feel our spirit/soul embodied and dancing. 
  • Community Connection to use language to anchor any healing or epiphanies and also be a witness to another woman as she shares. 
  • Final strengthening, stretching and relaxation to integrate all the benefits of class.