What actually is Qoya?!

I get asked this question often so, I thought this would be a great opportunity to share my thoughts with you!

Started by Rochelle Schieck 10 years ago, it's essentially a simple movement/dance/yoga class that seems pretty straight forward on the outside but does something incredible to you on the inside.  At varying points in the class, you'll feel aware of different parts of your body, where you hold tension, what feels spacious and supple and what is calling out for your attention. The purpose is to slow down, fall into the movement and take time for yourself to relax and enjoy.

There are no levels, the way you know that you're doing it right is that it FEELS good in your body.  

The feedback I often get is that women come in, feeling stressed, tired, emotional - sometimes teary (which is totally OKAY by the way!) and by the end, they feel more open, lighter, connected, energised, happier and ready to face the world again! 

For 1.5 hours you'll forget about your challenges, commitments and your busy life and you'll focus on you, your breathe, the music and once you give yourself permission... you'll find yourself dancing (with your eyes closed if you prefer) to the music like you did when you were a little girl and gave less f*"*s!

Plus the women they meet in class make them feel supported, lifted up and WANT them to be the best version of themselves and see the greatness that THEY see in them! 

Imagine taking medicine that healed your body image, confidence and how you felt in your skin that looked like candy...well that's how I think of Qoya!

I teach three Fridays a month at Canford Cliffs Village Hall - June dates are 22nd and 29th.  From September I'll be adding a Tuesday evening class which will be by candlelight..Watch this space!

Come and try it for yourself! You won't regret it xx